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New! ICC Champions Trophy 2009
Welcome to the cricket championship in South Africa!
ICC Champions Trophy 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 features: Feel special atmosphere of sport competitions! Participate in cricket tournaments and enjoy your victory!

Take part in the cricket championship in South Africa! Prove that you are good in cricket!

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: sport


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work"tell me suggation

kishore_5757: thanks modda lekka undhi

mark18lou: who made this? i hope u can make a game of magic
knight..thank u ..nice game


Punjabi345: its good one

gilly004: Nice Game! thanks!

abhivairale: how to install cricket game in my nokia n95 mobil

lifestink: yah man i install cricket bt 1 over then he restart cell
phone how can i solve it

Bvekdgr8: I agree wid u dude

rajsaroj: : how to install to nokia 5300

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nand2702: matherchod game hai nokia n82 restart kar deti hai

nand2702: matherchod game hai nokia n82 restart kar deti hai

minaz.sagari: hw to install]

Daviddeka: Nice game. Like it

shubh: gud gud gud i like it in my 6120 c its briliant game

basharat jehan: invlid version error

ashubuddy: i suggest that if you didn't like it dwnld ea cricket 10

brettwesley: ubbish salle khabi 6 nahi jata,while chasing i always lose

quebert: the grant thef auto is not working on my nokia 6300 y plz i
need it

rockyjanjua: then delete it

rockyjanjua: sijo this game is for limited mobiles not for all so search
a game for 5800.ok

aravinth: very good

Vinodgd: I can't install to my 5530

gaganthapa: fucked

rakeshrana: yes it hangs


kfaizan60: i download this game on my nokia5320d bt its not working

Amitabha: Or cricket game nai he

ddshah79: I agree it jams in the middle...

heer27: i knoe that it a great game>>>> but i want to doenload this
game but i could not download it>>>>>> becoz my limited iz
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Raj236: i dont know how it works

amitesh.saha: vua.............

midhun.v.k: this is the best site for games

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irfanrao: its not workin

atique23: fuking nice game

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karmkid: jams at toss

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sijo: how can i install this to my 5800 nokia

glenncharles: i agree dude...

Krish_kvp: It's just a Great game

sarusham: hai, i have a problem. It works only till toss, after that
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