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New! 2012 Apocalypse
Do you like watching disasters? What about managing it?
2012 Apocalypse

2012 Apocalypse

2012 Apocalypse features: Imagine that predictions of ancient Mayan calendar come true...You gat skills to control four powerful forces of nature - hurricane, earthquake, fire storm and tornado. Your task is to save the world from destruction!

Use you imagination! Save humanity from destruction, predicted in the ancient Mayan calendar! Send natural disasters through the maze of city streets so that you could avoid any damage.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: movie based


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micco13: 5300 plss?

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pravathbk: Plzz remake this Game For Nokia 2700 c

kopustas123: ITS WORKS on N73 :P

m_afroz599: I could not login on 6600 :(

christianc: Christianc

virus_ask: can i have this game for my nokia 6260..please..

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