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New! Zombie Infection
It is high time for you to save New York from virus attack, that turns people into zombies!
Zombie Infection

Zombie Infection features: Imagine that you are the member of New York "Inside the Action" team and when patrolling, you understand that a virus was released? Now you have to save the citizens from turning into monsters!

Enjoy saving New York from bloodthirsty zombies, as a military officer, a news reporter, and a hand-to-hand combat specialist! Chose your hero! By the way, you can use all the awesome weapons: Rocket launcher, Katana, Grenades, Laser Gun, Machine Gun and more to complete your assignments. Kill hundreds of zombies and become a hero!

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: arcade


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ALAN PHUAH: E63 cannot work?????

ALAN PHUAH: E63 cannot work?????

mehtaarmy: h!!!!!!!!

meimoi: it doesnt occupy the whole screen of my N73 T_T

bluejam: its cool tnx so much

tamkasim: a collection of games in this site