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New! Asphalt 4 HD
For s60v5
Asphalt 4 HD

Asphalt 4 HD

Asphalt 4 HD features: Become the best racer in the urban racing world!

10 dream cars, races in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills,Shanghai, NYC, Dubai, Paris, 5 extreme racing modes such as cop chase, drift, and beat them all.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: race


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josephjos: not working

ekoand: ahmmm.....

ekoand: ahmmm.....

andrizizou: Download at :D

andrizizou: Download at (symbian all
version, for 5800, n97 etc. u must sign the game)

andrizizou: Download at (symbian all
version, for 5800, n97 etc. u must sign the game)

andrizizou: Download at (symbian all
version, for 5800, n97 etc. u must sign the game)

andrizizou: Download at (symbian all
version, for 5800, n97 etc. u must sign the game)

andrizizou: Guys, u can download all symbian version at :D

ihavein: This website is unbelievble...All Games are working
perfect..Please add more games like all that fantastic
games...Have a nice day

black_eye2781: Need 4 Nokia N70 plz inform me when u have it

ejat_fidodido: jar file please....

Sajin75: Certificate error n95

merasmus: thanls for

abhi1604: i don,t know just trying for first time ......?????!!!!
Still downloading!!!!!!

rogey: hello

rogey: hello

cru3789: Nokia sucks!

Omario7221_N97: certificate error? cant they see this game doesnt work and
put one the DOES?

WarPig14: fuck it all ill never fid games for N5800 , and which ones
work properly

Parv: Nice . .

blacktail9192: nice.. haha.. bobo naman ng ibang game dito..

PHuAH: Unable To download

surveron777: it says certificate error, plz solve this problem

yahoo: only for omnia

ALAN PHUAH: Invalid .SIS ??????

kiranmandru: due to low of battery game cannot played

preet1728: fadoo gmae hai

Bezeng: This is stupidness it does not work on my nokia e61i

bhaveshbhai: Does it work on my nokia n97? Pretty large size.

sam99: why dont u put this games for 5800?

mahim: during installation in N95 it shows certificate error.plz
solve it

kahn: this games is /-='][fuckc

asinusi: pls upload for nokia 6700

jkkhan: plz upload this game for n73

jkkhan: plz upload this game for n73

chandan2010apr: certificate error is showing after download

shubhankardeol: how 2 dnld 't 'n my nkia 5233?

jess123456: 176x208 pls... for my n70...

saransh123: it says certificate error

rytispe: wtf this game not working 5800!!!

krishnadath: plse put some games for nokia 5800. not working, Weird message, battery not enough, frankly
it's fully charged

markmarcellus: you all got to sign the app first

maxtreader: please for s60 v2....

kishore1101981: not working for 5800 foot download. Fuck this game

vamsirajk: hahahahahahahahaha

ntaly: n73 plz

ntaly: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

darkuchiha: 2 all s60v3 hack your cp so u can download the craked games
& appls

extreme_123: it doent work i wantjar plz

rocknim91: This game must be signed or hack your phone to install this
game on your phone

iwannazd: how can i download?

danny28pr: say certification error, why

gaurav_trendy20: looks good but how to download

jaruwat: thanks

Goth: hope it works in 6300..........

xerrion: Installs fine and plays just fine for 5800XM, Just hack the

sunandwater: n95 pliz

ZeoFlameHaze: does this work on nokia 5300

misk: hi! what about e61?

shravanchoudhary: is that work on n85 tell me at

kriszel: guys,if u want a .jar format,just edit the settings.. :)

meenu2: if its certificate error download certificate and key and
then using free signer soft sign it. all is in this url.
dont forget to register urself

saymou: good

suri: plz upload in jar file which is to be used by all the

joelocam: i hope it works on my n95

joelocam: i hope it works on my n95

joelocam: i hope it works on my n95

skulptra: doesnt work wid 5800XM fUCKKKKKK

M.cliff10: How 'bout 4 n73?

adax15: it's not in .jar -.-

makhanifaraz: yo guys.. Someone solve the certificate issue man.!

vinny: same certification error :-(

alvinxcool: does it work wif nokia e71 or e65 ?

sunny.g: new free gamez site

rbr010: come on maaan what about nokia e75 v.201?!

nervozen: give me somethink beautiful

snoker2: merci pour le jeux c est tres cool !!!

murtaza1993: ooomg this game is beatiful

sholard: For nokia 6630 pls -- Sent on a phone using

akkykhan: nokia e65 pls

akkykhan: nokia e65 pls

stereosrp: fghsdfh

user2: it said theres a certificate error, ?.

senthilch: i want w595

tushar10p: NICE 1 DUDE

herapheri: f999 game

ben412: ben412

marvinmarvin: great game!!!

galelo: make one for s60 like nokia e71!! come on people

valist: i want for my k850i

Ganesh: Is this game available in java

meggiii: you can find for n95 and more..!(s60v3)

hussainsony: can u please upload the zip file man :) cant download .
After full download getting deleted from mobile . .↲
Is it motion sensor game

petersaid: n95 pls

ahsan123: plz for nokia 95

neverscared: asphalt 4HD for 3210 pls!

music boy: work for 5800?

sazvina: i really love diz game but where 4 n95?

mohamoha: asphalt 4 hd for n 95 pls,,!!!!!!

osazone: anyone have jar file?

lauro27: panget, ayaw eh!

lucia_bazan: i installed it and got an error message that said that it's
only compatible with the omnia

Kum bezeng: How sis file

Kum bezeng: Full

jethvinz: it doesnt work too certificate error please help me

djbernhard: go here to solve certificate error...(register yourself
first, it's free),8412.0.html


king of battle: THANKS

buracocracia: Does it work on my Nokia 5800? if you can answer me,
please, do it ! thank you !

nikalways4u: thanks

shakss: i didn't intall it due to uncertification

vali151991: n95 plsssss

salman125: THANKS>>>>>>>>>> ;)

Shakil_sl: nokia 5610 240*320 pls

iivy37: one of the coolest games!

VIOROBK: Anyone can help. Install with Certificate Error. Contact
the application supplier..

mobilemania250: Sorry i cant run this game. Its unsigned so my nokia 5800xm
won't recognise the file.

wolf101: i got the same prob with my 5800

n958gbfan: hallihallo try to set the date on 1.1.2007

gewrgia: its grait

uphank : Thx. nice game..

Nitish: does this work on nokia 5610 xpress music?pls rply...

hallihallo: i want to install this game on my 5800 XM. How can I sign
the game, cause it shows me always a failure with the

jailerboy: Does it work on my nokia n73? Pretty large size.

jailerboy: Does it work on my nokia n73? Pretty large size.

miharbi: it doesn't work, can you put another, thank you