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New! The Sims 3
The World's Most Popular Game of 2009!
The Sims 3

The Sims 3 features: Taking out the trash and talking trash to the neighbours has never been so much fun...

Here's a small YouTube trailer:

The releases we have are for 128x128, 128x160, 176x220 and 240x320 screen.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: simulator


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Game Addict 16: it doesn't work on my n70!

matanitaron: may i request it for 128x160 xD for my nokia C-1 lol

sadon: not bad

morel: can play with 5130 music exprees

kahfiiy: download here for the sims 3

Chiang13: For my5800 it had an error when my hse upgraded d 3rd

apolo2k10: is this work on nokia n70

haha24: doesnt work on 5130 nokia..:(

ealocin_14: anyone help me with my nokia5800XM??? can't downlod games..

juslartiabdullah: how do u download tis game? help anyone....pls...

switseniorita: Omg

PHuAH: E71 please

Ahzia19: It d0esn't work on my 3310. . . . . . . juz kiding,
i really l0ve dis game. . . . perfect

umerhs: Don't download worst games here i will give you free sites
add me on frenzo id is enriquee

aronccs: guys, to put it into your phone, find the application file
manager and look for this file.

bryle313: how do you put this in your phone?

Chanelle Shandy: thankz. I like this game. Its s0 c00l. It w0rks pr0perly in
my n95. it works on 5800. But it doesnt have sounds

atte: I downloaded here on my pc and copied it to the meme card
of my phone. hope it will be compatible. mine's 5233 touch.

mishah: same here games dissappears when i go back in the
game...but good game . had fun.

ilovehardy: @Trunghieu112 same here, this game was cool, but the saved
game disappears. :( anyone who can help?

nimms: gr8 game !! kudos

killa hakan: cool

killa hakan: cool

johnsnapps: it doesn't work in cellphone brand is Nokia

Amit bhagat: Get all that you want...marvolus game

mayo_cute21: Pls sims 3 for 176x208.Pls pls

happiness: ummzzzzz do I need java on my phone?

Shi Sen: yahoo...!!

starrytales: it doesnt work on nokia 3110c :((

starrytales: the extra file doesnt work!!

ntaly: wow games

filip121: good very good fkn shit !

mof: super game for long hours

grisly_grim: hw do v use xtra files?

mung_n: not bad

dicedj05 : is there cheat codes for this game its hard to play

haydee: i want it...

stevianus: cool game...!

kriszel: this game doesn't have an english version..

blooper: it cannot be saved

beamae: thanks

beamae: love it

spike1000: very boring game! cant do much on this game. dont download

Manjeet: My n73 unable to install:(

blitzblitz12: do ever have a version for 176x208???

blitzblitz12: do ever have a version for 176x208???

j3n28795: laggy in n70 --'

jint000: how can i download this game?

fearnot: fuck this one, dont download it dude.. It doenst save
things up , so u hv to make a new one.. Omg

Timoere2k9: THANKS! =) N95 100% work

anasugeng: where can i get the installer for 5800?anyone?thanx!

Mello96: Fantastic!

ddgjhgfh: Download free from here

Ikram71: I want the sim 3 in zip file..please.

farra93: i want version nokia 6630 (176x208)

schuety: file corrupted!!!

bananabanisa: good on 5800

tina0202: does it work on nokia6680?

Aezarz: does it work on nokia 3230

gridgirl: great works on 5800, although game play is a little small.

Yesufu: Yes it works on 5800..Beautifully..The 5800xm

bars56: ggggoooooooooooddddddd very good

doyle3006: good game apart from the much commented loss of saved

anshg: It doesnt saves the game, each tme u exit u hv 2 mk new

Perrah: 176x208 for my nokia n70. please =( TQ

floppyfins: application error after i create a character

farra93: 176x208

ardie_barney: it ddint work..n70

X Wizard: Plz can som 1 make it 4 nokia 3110 classic?

leiko: jep it works on 5800

sari: does it work in 5800?

txtdirect: doesnt work on nokia 6235 damn:( any1 know any games that

Minhaz90: dunno if it works

Clare0116: This works OK on my Nokia %*00 for a few mins, until the
fridge (then the cheap tv need fixing!). The 'fix' mini game
seems impossible, especially for lefthanders. My sim is
eating out all the time, spending all her wages and still
can't fix her dodgy appliances. Game becomes unplayable!

DANI: IT WORK ON SE W200 and it's COOL!

Szandor: I bought this game to my nokia 6500s, and everything was
great until i had bought the last house then i got an error
telling me that it was something wrong with the java
installed in my phone.

russelljay: does it work on 5800? :)

hosa: not work on n70. please make it be good

bflad: yep..same issue with my saved like two times and
then bam!

Annisa: Chupu_cha@yahoo.Com

Soyay: Lol!Lol!Lol!Lol!

typicaljun: I'm kinda having the same problem as Trunghieu112 here.When
I exit the game,my previously saved game just disappeared
and I need to create a new profile.Could you guys fix this

macak silvester: This game Rocks!

kyra_8715: cute..very good:)

Cherii: i gt it on my mobile b4 the uk gt it on pc!!

Trunghieu112: I saved the game and i close it. But when im back, the
saved game djsappear. I must create a new game. Anyone help
pls! I lov thjs game so much!

ykkr: great!

malau: Holy crap ! A top game that actually works on S40v3 - AND
is great too !

cjcastro17: kinda LoL

cjcastro17: kinda LoL

cjcastro17: kinda LoL