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New! Marble Maze
Marble Maze is a labyrinth game that utilizes the orientation sensor built inside some Nokia mobile phones (at least Nokia N95, N95 8GB, and N82).
Marble Maze

Marble Maze features: Motion sensor!
In the game you control a ball inside a labyrinth by tilting the device in your hands. Currently there are 40 different ready made labyrinths to solve, and 3 different balls, a metal ball, a rubber ball, and a super pingpong ball.

First fields are easy, but they get harder once you advance. Version 1.51 introduces the ability to create your own custom made labyrinth fields with the application! The game requires skill, accuracy, and determination, and is highly addictive. The best time is recorded for each field, so you can also try to break the record once you clear a field.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: motion sensor


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