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New! Marble Revolution 2
Use your phone as a game controller: Move, shake and roll a tiny marble through the craziest 3D-labyrinth you have ever seen.
Marble Revolution 2

Marble Revolution 2 features: Avoid the malicious thieves and catch all golden rings to reach the next level. Halfpipes, canons, teleporters and other weird obstacles will help you to find the right way.

Play multiplayer battles against a friend through bluetooth.
Depending on your phone hardware movements are tracked by a real built-in motion sensor.
* Advanced motion controlled steering
* Real-time multiplayer-mode (Bluetooth)
* True 3D engine offers fast game play
* Alpha-blended sprite animations
* Hypnotic soundtrack & mixed audio effects
* Supports Symbian 3rd Edition

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: arcade


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