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Motion Sensor game!


3D NEED FOR SPEED PRO STREET MOTION SENSOR features: Thrilling, high-RPM racing! The groundbreaking franchise explodes out of the underground and goes legit. Hit the track at sanctioned events, strap yourself into 16 licensed cars for edge-of-your-seat action. Race 12 courses, burn rubber with nitrous boost while drifting around tricked-out cars. S

moke the competition as you go full throttle against 9 other racers on intense road courses. Earn cash for style and wins, then visit the Tuner Shop to buy tires, upgrade suspension - or get a new ride! + "MOTION SENSOR"
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Mobile platform: java
Genre: race


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deosn't work

eyaz: nice

bryannaspa: i cant download to 5230

A.p.: it doesnt. Work . .dnt waste the tym . . ! F***

dheera: how to dowolode

rahulchavan32: download no system

vamsirajk: bokkara babu

abhijiet: i cant download, evn it is supported rar & jar file, it is
the fault in nokia5230 or fault in this site.....?

ELaliable: is this name work on 5233??

Aryan_ananda: NFS SHIFT IS Not working on nokia 5130...problem=loading n
loading n loding...taking 2 much tym

tadi: not working for 5800xm

poll: veryyyyyyyyyy bad!!!!!

poll: veryyyyyyyyyy bad!!!!!

aliameer: very bad it's not working

asaweak: it doesnt work!!!

rahulrhl: does it work on nokia 5235 motion sensor games

tuna4jas: unable to download

juauzynhu: bom jogo, mas e uma pna q o n70 nao tenha accelerometro

Usman55: is it different from the regular NFS PRO STREET?

karan31393: not a motion sensor....does't work on 5800

akinola568: app erro

febshot: hey does it work in nokia c3?


supersaiyanprince: cool

abdul samee: its awesum.

abdul samee: its awesum

nasser.b: fuck it it didnt fucking worl

merasmus: hi,its happytodownload

ayush1341994: application error on my nokia5233 boss

nokia5530: i ain't know how to download this.. show me

kunalgreatest01: not working in 5800

shubhamrenewed: plzzz tell me frm where to get motion sensored games fr mah

mateeeen: iam not getting game for 5230

rajrox: fuck game

bejoyabraham: This game is not for N-Series

nitheeshkaipara: dammit,not support it to 5800.dont waste time.

munuhe: 5800 not working damn it

sumit_salvi: bul shit, nt works on 5800xm

aki4um: this game is just a big fucky joke.

hitesh gautam: yes this game is totally froad

SireHD: application error on 5800 XM

elio122: app error on n97 :@:@:@::@ fuckkkk

cybersavvy: nt dowloadin on 5800 fuckin shit

lalobako: how can i download it????????

animeshsingh95: fake!!!! not working n showing error

roflb0fl: ya ben sharmuta it doesn't work on 5530

vakki786: not downloading in my phone ( 5800)

denrosssalenga: Does not work on Nokia 5800 XM FW: v.50.0

denrosssalenga: Nokia 5800XM FW: v50.0 Application error: Application
will be closed too bad :(


Stanvol: fuck it doesnt work in 5800xm

alliancesanti: very good game for my nokia 5800 i love it

vikas_rz: not working in n85

irteh4x0r: 5800 plz

scorpion123456: it should be in potrait version

dimna: hey! This things not working on 5800???

sameer2382: hi, guys if u want to full screen & motion sensor game go
to - & become a mamber u got also latet
appliction ,game,soft.,theme,utility etc. I am always there
pls touch with me at if u have face any problam
download app. & game & software i will help u bcoz i
download 1000 of game and app. At ok thanks

venkymoka: Will it work in Samsumg corby Pro???? Some one please

calveinthong: how to make it use on 5800xm? plzzz teach me!

deeprana715: Doesn't work with Nokia 6233???


Zaheerwadee: Where can i find full screen games for satio?

Maja123: the game is great :DD

pawan kadam: first register it its free, then download it

nayan007k: its not working in my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

zirk86: DOIN' NOTHING ON N73!!!!!!!!!!!!

troll Spider: This is a Sony Ericsson game =)

abhishekismassey: saaley fuddu bnate hain

vamsirajk: bokka..............bokala undi

ARISTA: n 5800 please!!!

drinchee: it works on k850i theanks

ssaabbyy: chutiya bna rhe hai. bc game is not wrking on nokia 5800

jaruwat: good

darkuchiha: mga uto2x kc kyo jajajaja

avinash.badola: it doesnt work on nokia5800......pls upload for it.......

mohamad.kalash: not work in n95

qamarr14: working in nokia 5310 xpressmusic

spicyhot_006: from wer i should download this game, can u send me a link,

punk boy: 3d games dosnt work on my 5800 wat should i do

punk boy: 3d games dosnt work on my 5800 wat should i do

punk boy: 3d games dosnt work on my 5800 wat should i do

hussainsony: did it work on 5800 its not working on mine . . Can u
reupload it for me . . Its not working on nokia 5800 Showing
application error .

thunderaid: does it work on nokia 5300???

thunderaid: does it work on nokia 5300???

thunderaid: does it work on nokia 5300???

ramtandel25: N95 8gb 3d nfs pro street motion sensor is open to
unhandled exception pls help

Hasansamplewala: its a really nice site

srikanth7: fucking site doesn't have any proper way of downloading the

twohearts2: fuck off u mother fucker does'nt in my n95 8b west of time
what the hell

emanpogi03: N95 8GB : UNHANDLED EXCEPTION.

naresh.garapati: how to download?

aricmad: hrtht

ramtandel25: Not working N95 8gb


ansab: not working on n95

a2201987: application error on n97 :(

abhisalimath: i have lots of games for all the mobiles.....if needed mail
me at

Sidddbz: F**k the game . . Doesn't work with nokia 5800 xm. [:x]

radar: not good on5800xp

gid147: its gof

gid147: its gof

gid147: its gof

hrushikesh: thu

Hitesh11: Hitesh11

AFTHAB: I LIKE RACING.... I like it, please add new games I LOVE

lapot1988: I downloaded and installed this game on my n82, bu it
doesnt open?

rizwan123: i love this game

CRHakan: shit i have it download with my phone and the setup but its
not opening

drdrakodragon: dont work

tony92: fuck this games

iMesh14: nice games

LoSerBoi: LoSerBoi

MrEto: Nokia 5330 no good!!!!!

ABHISHEK1234.4321: not for nokia 5800 dont waste time

sami0304: it does not work in nokia 5800

anuj kumar aa: its a nice game

bilal ansari: not working on 6303


pulkit1997: does it works with n70

vinodh9148: sexy....

wenzy18: hey it doesnt work on my n73

saathvik: does it work on 5130 xpress music

toyyabsabri: its purely & maha tatti game

aml.dat007: it's rocking

aml.dat007: it's rocking

Nabil: I can download the game. But I can open the game with my

Nabil: I can download the game but i cant open it with my n73

Nabil: I can download the game but i cant open it with my n73

Nabil: I can download the game. But I can open the game with my

jackysimens: dont waste your time , not working on 5800

parth.lucky: its gud

raimi: it not working on n81

helpdesk.raman: hope this game

arbinzahaj: not working on 5800

brkamath: this piece of shit doesn't work on nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

ricky_hariomhari: tatti game

anurag_vashisth2005: fuck offfffffffffff

utkarshgzp: nice.......

bodo_salah: nt working on n81 :s

mynokia: this is shit it doent work on my 5800 either

badbasyar: how do i know if it is for nokia 5800 expressmusic

utkarshwani: very good site

prabhjit: very good website

nikhil336: this isn't working on my n95.Help!

IbbI: thats fuckin bull shit man u hav to login in all this shit

rampalan: can someone pls send this to me my email It doesnt work on nokia 5800 it
is f***in waste of time

X Wizard: Nokia 3110 classic plz

pilipinaskongmahal: are all these games compatible for the 7210 supernova

ahmet5: n95 please

gmitrapower: really nice.....

gmitrapower: really nice.....

van_s: can't i download this game for my nokia 5320?

graegon: wats it size?

kjmaniac: does nt work in my 5800XM

joehansinclair: Same problem, dasnt work in 5800

Eddy4_friends: Does it work in my nokia 5130

jackhaha: Zzz... Can download, Can install but cant play... ==' Who
can tell me where to download this game to my N95
correctly?? Email me at Thx...

troll Spider: Thakyou ;)

jogacommuri: its not working in nokia5800

wphansaka: its not working for Nokia 5800xm. I think this version is
only for SE. I got an error saying NoClassDefFoundError...
micro3d.v3.Vector3D..... sad scene.....

saurabhdjdude: hey this is to nice

nhotz23: its not working in lg arena plzz help..

Cook: applicaton error for nokia 3110c

kingicewolf: not working (nokia 5800)

jaisilvester: i fukck this site useless i wast my time .sonofbitch

fazervasanth: yha its great

amine161923: this is a fack

j_t_n: 123321

jaketomo2k9: good game

sjssjs: how to downloqd the game?when i click on download it takes
me to some useless mp3site someone please help me!i am new
to this site

nrbvirgo: I need need for speed motion sensor for nokia 5800 my
email is

kleponz: Tq good n nice game

ravous: not opening in n5800,,how to work ion it ?

teja: applicaton error for nokia 5800xm

th3beast: try it in my n85 and not working !


Proffi: Too COOL

abhilash.khairnar: pls help! it does not work on nokia e51. what is the

dinesh123reddy: fuck does not work

octaprima: damn this is doesn't work on my n82

pumaile: 128x160 version please

ashkirpc: its good

fahmi: It's error at all.. good motion sensor

addi: it is not supporting

cooltmr: this fuck doesn't work. I'm with N96

sujon143: Theres no Class Def Found in this download that is
available here.

Buloot: Theres no Class Def Found in this download that is
available here.

Buloot: It doesn't work on N96.

jamesorbe0: just login or register then you see game download below
that is the name of the game and then click it then It


girishbatham: not working on the n85, can we have some motion sensing
games for n85 plz

georgee: i downloaded and installed it, trying to open it
''unhandled exception'' Help!!! Nokia E51

nawafmohammed: hey does it work in nokia 5800xm?

hrithik: who cant download this games contack me at this email and
add me in msn and you will know how to download:p

H.P: its good