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New! Planet Riders 3D
Planet Riders rival many games even console games.
Planet Riders 3D

Planet Riders 3D

Planet Riders 3D

Planet Riders 3D features: In this most spectacular racing game dare devil pilots compete with jet racers on orbital high-speed tracks from Mercury to Pluto.

Use laser guns, missiles and mines to win the deadly tournaments. Join one out of six teams, unlock 12 jets and 10 planets in a cool sci-fi setting with awesome 3D grafix!
Michael Schumacher's career wouldn't last longer than the first corner of the next Grand Prix if Formula 1 borrowed one of the ideas from Planet Riders 3D. You see, these futuristic racing games, including Wipeout, System Rush and Red Out Racer, have cottoned onto something. Namely, that motor racing is much more fun when the participants are heavily armed with heat-seeking missiles and the like.
Planet Riders has great replayability. It has single races to play, time attack modes and even Bluetooth multiplayer to challenge a friend! It is without a doubt, one of THE games to get.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: race


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Michael0000: This game is very awesome but error on my nokia 5310

gaurav_trendy20: not work on 5233 asshole site.fuck u

Irfanhb7: It;s a nice game

w3lli5on: its very nice!!! its a cool game!! thank you!!

hasan03: It can not play it in my n73.