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New! Devil May Cry 3D
DMC 3d Mobile Game
Devil May Cry 3D

Devil May Cry 3D

Devil May Cry 3D

Devil May Cry 3D

Devil May Cry 3D features: Big hair + big swords = big action

Dante, the mysterious half-man, half-demon action hero is back to battle the legions of the underworld with stylish sword and gunplay. This cellphone verion of the action series retains the 3D chaos of the PlayStation classic and pits Dante against his rival Vergil.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: action


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vickye: cool

jhomel: by the picture above, i think it's such a very nice game,
but after downloading it to my phone, it says "game not
compaitible with your phone"!, aaarrrrghh!, i felt so
disapointed 'bout it!

packboom123: wew

ezekielsu: ,nice game!..,buT im luking 4 a 3d...'

Sreejithdon: Nfs shift 176*208 english please

jomai0021: wow...its great''''

lam777: access delined

arvinbontia: oh my ? fuck this game! it doesnt work at all!

sachin1012: 176x208 pls

dwdedzzz: d nman gumana ta3,,,,,

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

live: they say its hot.gimmegimme

SSStylish: the extra file work on my XpressMusic

jusan13: its not working on my n70 but i really like this game :(

karasuma8: y i cant play it?

amanoo7: this game aint work with nokia 5230 and i also downloaded
the game nfsmw that also aint work in my phone,

Chanelle Shandy: w0w! G0t it s0 fast. Tnx! I like it..

Chanelle Shandy: w0w thnkz! G0t it very fast! Nice game!

kulascacerez: suicide na Lng kaung d makakuha ng game na toh!!

vamsirajk: pedha bokka

jhobert31: i like dat game but it is not compatible to my N80!!

jhobert31: i like dat game but it is not compatible to my N80!!

haris2211: hoooooooooooooo la la

bothrocks: wkawkak dongdong

ria_korean15: (^_^)

malek27: wow its so cool!

kazuya: no 3D very fake

yoes: niceee....

Bullooka: Fuck dis fuckin site for fuckin uploading fuckin fake
screenshots. & fuck dis fuckin game

shoxana: its not 3D !

Dnkynnamo: Just hope its work or else.

jhenzai22: how do download??

bombom0721: not working.

alilodhi: great

blackice10: it's an alryt game actually ! X

munaiyee: can u tel m ny game dat works on m nokia 5800

aungmyohtet: good for k850i but need for 5800XM

hacker25: ,the res of this screen is n0t fit to my cp. can u m0d it
for 128x160? tnx

yasmeen: nokia 5800

victor1992: how do i install ?

datta: very good!

mahee15: good

acabado: i will try to play the game first

plamka_98: its not work

plamka_98: its not work

Ujwal: waste of time...

nikhil336: yeah,fake screenshots.and the game is boring too.


Snowflake: Its Fake!!! But this fake nice :-D

peternokia: does this work on nokia 5800?

marvintalabis: ganda d best...,

ladybadburn2812: ill with this site

ladybadburn2812: ill stick with it

teletubruk: Oyyy.. moderator, sala game negh.. Ene mah bukan game 3d,
tapi cuman game 2d biasa... Mana yg 3d nya?! Minta
dunk... ( Oyyy... moderator, wrong game man... Thiz iz not
3d game, but just only 2d regularly game... Where's the 3d
one?! Give one please...

Azrie: hmmm, the games was great on pc or sony playstation 2 but
not sure for the mobile phone.....

marky10: 128x160pls!!

Irfanhb7: Want to download God of war goto

Irfanhb7: Want to download God ofwar goto

Qaf94: it is not in 3D....go to clubmogames to find 3D part of
this game

Qaf94: it seems that it only works on phone like SE

harshtokas: i have played this game on pc and i am happy to have it on
my phone

rafriz: aaaaaaaaaapppppppppppllllllllliiiiiiicccccccccaaaaaaaaaaatt

kimpow102: \ITS NOT 3D!!!! ITS FAKE!!!

kiny 05: real nice

txtdirect: looks ok.does it work on nokia 6235?

Arslan: do not work on my nokia 5800

potatosnape: it doenst work on my nokia 5800 :(

mike626: is this works on n70

phantompaily: intresting !

weturi: It not work on my n72

jf13: Didn't work on my N95 :[

apex: perfect!!!!

apex: perfect!!!!

blamenosal: fake screen shots! nice game though...

vinod.kumarran: cannot download

Saikat: It not work in my nokia 3110c

Aku: 128x160 pls

LoMi: ,,my ph0ne res0luti0n is n0t fit my ph0ne is n311c with
128x160 screenrs0lutn.. Any b0dy help me..

Luthfi_11: jlk bgt ni game

mauro1978: 9300 mobile games,all phones,all display

salman125: MAN!!! this is not how it looks like these screen shots are

andy_143lee: not bad

Ariesboy: How to download?explain 2 me plis?!? X(

ninja14: ^u^ good !

salman125: I love this game very much:D but will it work on my nokia
7610 v2 s60 (176x208):?(

sagumjun: good!!

shankde: not that good

Virrahn: you think this will work on my 5220?

legolas_247ph: i hope this one will work (NFS most wanted doesnt work)

DevilHunterxxx: it's working perfectly fine on my nokia 5610! omg,thank u
soooo much!

yuyu1932: Ngage No Install game !_!

anepptmc: cry 4 ur devil....ahakkksss..

rey_cel: nice one dude!!!

jamesorbe0: it's not working in 6681 what im gonna do !_!

totoh: jelek la game ni.. bahu pepe dmc ni

kimpow105: its not working in nokia 6630...please help...i want to
play this game in nokie 6630

colas02: is not working on cellphone!

zudan: Real cool..cold blood

noeben: nice

Adh137: cool

mars: they say its a great game.. let me check..

heeru: AWESOME!!!

heeru: AWESOME!!!

otela: otela

nikessj4: :-)