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New! Need for Speed COLLECTION
NFS Carbon, Most Wanted, Pro Street, Undercover, Underground 1, Underground 2
Need for Speed COLLECTION

Need for Speed COLLECTION features: Should work for 176x220, 240x320 resolutions.

The archive contains 14 releases of NFS games.

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: race


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kaifikie: nice 1. awesome dude.

jacz_0594: fuck this game!!!

imranhashmi786: the jar files is not fast download in phone so plz try to
download fastly jar file in mobile nd ha this game also play
in nokia 5230and5233 so thats is a very good games nd i
reqwest to plz all games are play on full screen to convard
the game display to full screen.thank u

Dimitri Paliouras: will itt work on nokia 5800?

salman2012: i have nokia n73. it work on it

qwilliam: let's drive & drift DUDE.!!!!!!

kareem: Yeah.. its great

krishnakmr: krishnakmr it game pack failed

splat: i love this game

waterman: go go my 4 wheels babes

sander22: Both of NFS:MW dont work on 6230i

yeh boi!!!: its really good but prostreet dont work on my e51 when i
try to open it it shows up with. 'unhandled exception' any
idea how to fix?

Asuleno: tested on 5200 right?

amithraj: gud collection

Nitish: i got a 7210 supernova nokia....will it work on mine?

mohnish: most of them work on my nokia 6680,cool

Drjagdish: Am truly greatfull.

typicaljun: It all works,that's great,alright.But the screen size is
not suitable on my N79.I used size 240x320 and 176x220 and
both doesnt fit my screen properly.HELP?

vignesh122: its awesome

halford: great, thx!!

raxpro: Even this is not working on nikia 5300 shows application

sambit_006: yeh! this is greaaaaaaat

luis: I have a Nokia 6555 and only worked NFS Carbon and NFS
Underground 2.

bigguy: ITS SUPERB

MUHAMMAD: i m lovn it