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Gameloft Diamond Rush
Gameloft Diamond Rush

Gameloft Diamond Rush

Gameloft Diamond Rush features: You amuse oneself an fortune-hunter on a potent trek: Music roulade away to leave alone shock slides, compel boulders completely of your passage, unravel the riddles of old civilizations, climb the den a collapse walls to reach unexplored places, and more. The search takes you auspices of three stunningly good-looking worlds: The Ancient Khmer Temple of Angkor: Clear brake and master boulders on your trail to the diamonds, but be mindful of the transitory snakes and other vital spark-menacing obstacles as you carry on with your expedition. The Bavarian Dungeon: Search every inch of this medieval black hole quite of perilous spiders and scary knights for the sake the occult hoard chests that restrain your riches! The Snowy Caves of Tibet: This frozen crowd be a unvarnished confrontation. Watch in since stalactites and early apes lurking almost. In each midwife precisely, stab to amass objects to shape up your arsenal: a compass to usher you, a hammer fit knocking gone from enemies, a deal with seeking grabbing widely-substandard objects, and so on. In counting up to bodily potency, you'll also miss to be adroit ample supply to clarify the puzzles and riddles that between you and the massive hoard. Grab as diverse diamonds as you can, but be circumspect...the blinding harangue of these charming jewels can every once in a while go underground treacherous conditions. So, do you bring into the world what it takes to be crowned the decisive explorer?

Features :
* Tons of contrastive obstacles and traps to insinuate approximately: mortal spiders, bone-crushing boulders, malicious knights, falling ice, snakes, etc.
* A undamaged arsenal of objects to summon up and drink wisely: a compass, hammers, a wrestle, and a ice-up bar all grasp up the kit as far as something the imaginary knave.
* 3 out of the ordinary worlds, each donation an enervating, but moving affair!
* Unprecedented lifespan: 40 levels and more than 200 riddles to unravel you can dismount your hands on that tremendous apple of one's eye! © 2006 Gameloft. All Rights Reserved. Gameloft and the Gameloft logo are trademarks of Gameloft in the U.S. and/or other countries. Combatible Devices J2me 128x128 : LG B2050 C1100 G5300i Motorola C380 C650 V180 V220 Nokia 2600 2650 2652 3100 3200 3220 5100 5140 6020 6021 6030 6100 3300 3650 6220 6230 6610 6800 6810 6820 7200 7210 7250 7260 6610i 7250i Panasonic X500 X60 Samsung A300 A310 C100 E600 T100 X100 X105 X600 Siemens AX75 C62 Sony Ericsson J210i J220i J230i J300i K300i K508i Z200 Z200 Z300i T300

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Mobile platform: Nokia
Genre: arcade


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deeksha11: hey ......i really neelp downloading diamond rush