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New! Mihkan Handy-Games Townsmen Racing
Mihkan Handy-Games Townsmen Racing
Mihkan Handy-Games Townsmen Racing

Mihkan Handy-Games Townsmen Racing

Mihkan Handy-Games Townsmen Racing

Mihkan Handy-Games Townsmen Racing features: Welcome to this thrilling pig sprint. You pleasure be stunned next to the kind Suzi. Choose the grown Bronco and all other pigs evolve into basic piglets. Or Murdoc of whom you can not in a million years be ineluctable what he is pensive.All pigs are grunting and waiting anxiously in the service of the start. Choose your chosen and without your pig by virtue of unripe forests, stony mountains and sizzling sandy deserts. Use tricks and other ruin ingratiate oneself with to outpace your competitors. Unlock tunings as completely cooked as unripe and fair and square crazier pigs!

Bonuses carrots take measures you with surprisingly power or together flashes during more hurriedness. But it's not a part of piece, the other pigs ordain licence bring tricks as fit to find fault with the prosperous cup. Show what you are made of and be proper the unsurpassed pig in metropolis! Features :
* Hilarious and mad races
* Unique facetious graphics
* Easy access (tutorial)
* 6 inimitable characters
* 6 unconventional extras on the prints
* Unlock 6 keen on tunings since your pig
* Up to three opposite landscapes
* Lovely racetracks
* Countless races on automatically generated tracks
* Easy controls
* Animal sounds and vibration (depending on the logotype)
* Highscore Combatibility : Nokia 6270, Nokia 6275i, Nokia 6233 Nokia 7370 Nokia N71, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95 Nokia E50 Sony Ericsson S700, S700i, S710a, K790, W900, K800i

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Mobile platform: Nokia
Genre: arcade


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