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New! Need for Speed Most Wanted
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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted features: 6270, 6280, 5300, 6111, 6125, 6131, 6136, 6151, 6233, 6265, 7370 etc

difficulty in spite of Speed Most Wanted Rename to grate dont testet

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Mobile platform: Nokia
Genre: arcade


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kudzi: tadas

kudzi: most wanted z a cool game

buddikamanoj9: good

ahmed.15: hi

akki999: thnx man sexy game

ansarking: waste game.;-)where is .jar file

Vijay saroj: Its not wrking on my n70 why?

JARing: If u don't know how to download, it is underneath the vid
or above comments. Thnx 4 reading

PRAVIN379: I can't find jar file,where is it???

Nithinvy007262: Can u have a fast download option

Kondalam: How to instal

Yogeshn: Thanks

Yogeshn: Thanks

deepak643: where is the installation file i cant found it

rajibrezwan: it doesnt work on my 5800

rayhan sunny: how can i install ?


aronccs: to install it, open first the .zip file in your pc and find
the .jar file and copy it to your phone

Anujthakkur: hey its raar i send it to my cell...its say
...not supported

jose1411: just extract it..

telesh: how to intall

akhtarkhan190: good esy to download

rocky4g: were the jar file

Hayrein: Any gud resolution games for my 6700?

mihirbarve: how to download?????

12345: were the jar file i need it

nabu78: i agree with wol32

penggalikubur: best in the world

ravikirangenius: game is nothing but question mark in my 5233

Ajithnaveen: I like this games very much

Dj-Atulan: I want to install nfs most wanted but it is not install my

prlajmer4166: I want to install asphalt4 but i culdn't install it

sasuke12344: to install this you ned xplore

sasuke12344: you need xplore

ilanayakan: How to instal,it show ? in ma 5800, somewan help

sammek: good game

daniyal_96: where the fu__ is the jar file

krw: where file .jar?

jayzzzz: thank buddies\

prasath.rp: its showing invalid keycode in my 6233

Handsoff: please say other free web-sites like it

aravinth: waste of time

Afif afrianto: good

god24: dont instal man it says that it needs support

Mriganka: ther's no jar file !!

CRHakan: not install on LG KP 500

joker222: fuck the game doesnt install

shadowwalke: nice game on my 5800 but a little hard to drift

tony92: all your games not working on all nokia phone

fsd123456: ok now i get it i fixed it now it opens i changed it to jar
but still after it fucking opens after a few seconds some
fuking eror accurs theres always a fuckung problem fucking

fsd123456: i downloaded it then i copyed it to my phone then when i
try to open it and play it, it doesent work it has a
question mark like it doesent recognise it.

fsd123456: man i realy need this game on my nokia 6288 im gonna commit
suiside if i dnt get this game.

fsd123456: man i realy need this game on my nokia 6288

ammo786: hw to download ???

rbr010: if you have (rar) file just rename it to (jar) and that's
all ! Kurdish boy

sid123: How to install........a dat file.....

zaidshirodkar1998: where is the jar

lalalalala: how do i download?

lalalalala: how do i download?

jay_denlee: i need tha jar file, i cant install to nokia 5800, pls

corbishr: i cant find the .jar

aiman98: where the .jar??

aiman98: where the .jar??

ayush tyagi: how to install

Abir_bau: Jar need

asektek: how can i install it on 5300?

saifversion: I dont know yet

koolgk: where is the JAR

toyyabsabri: how to install it???

hix: couldnt install it

hix: couldnt install it

himanshu_02: i also want .jar plz plz

jakey000001: Coolest game

prakashram1989: i love itttttttttt


jaganathin: Excellent game..... controls r a bit tough but enjoyable
nonetheless.... thnx a lot!!! does not work for 6680

suneli: not working wid nokia 5800, plz help, !!!

vijaysove: Not opening in 5310 but i like it

vijaysove: Not opening in 5310 but i like it

snoker2: ca marche 100 pour 100 sur le nokia 5800 xm

snoker2: merci beaucoup !!!

nitin_makrani: i want jar

auonuirani: i want this game for nokia 6233

wa3d_el3yon: thnx

splinterxxx: this rocks thanks a million!

sanjay upadhyay: is it working on my 5800 XM

nokian95: how do i download it?

omar230: SUPER GAME

manokhano: niger it's in rar convert it in jar nd it will run

nhotz23: is it compatible with lg arena?..and is it a motion
sensor..coz my lg arena doesnt have a keypads!!lol

pacific_surfer: can i install these games on my N73 ME?

achiever: i dont know hot to install it plzz help me

achiever: i dont know hot to install it plzz help me

muscule_boy: Is there a version that will work for my N70?

graham2511: strugglin to store to my nokia 5800 please

metalrocker02: to install jar files.. simply cut or copy it to ur
phone.. DO NOT EXTRACT IT.. then locate it using ur
phone.. install it.. IF THIS DOESN'T WORK.. UR ON UR

rehan.iron: out of memory error......

wol302: Zardare kuta.Mushraf Kuta.Bus Kute Ka bacha.

raheellll: i have nokia n70 mobile plz i want sis file are jar file

bappy178: difficult to download

mung_n: Yo... good game, hope it is in Spice mobile version too coz
it'll be fun playing with friends too

wil: hard to ins tall

hussamabdali: its cool

mauro1978: 9300 mobile games,all phones,all display

ROHIT00: plese show jar or zip or sis formet

deceyefire: Hello How can install it ???

aasshhuuttoosshh: says memory error in nokia 5300

abhilash.khairnar: how to install it please help me

mauro1978: 9300 mobile games,all phones,all display

rajmobile123: very good thx

saya: Cooooooooooooooooool

saya: Cooooooooooooooooool

Scarlet1103: Thx! :D It's not for me it's for Meme, but I'll get what I
want just by giving him this game LOL! xD

gmhasan: simply great!

rajkumargjmptw: rajkumargjmptw

loveg18: thanks

naseer-ppp: thnk you 4 thes

sanjeev mishra: Give game which support 5200

omale: you guys are the best!thanks a lot!!!

Dodo-b: Dis aint workin on ma 6680, upload a compartible one

Dodo-b: Dis aint workin on ma 6680

raxpro: But it is not working in nokia 5300 will you upload the
game which is compatible with nokia 5300

shevana: great.thanks

garilon: tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garilon: tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garilon: tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garilon: tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garilon: tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nazrul: best

sid_111: Plz give me only .jar games.

sid_111: Plz give me only .jar games.

My_gemz23: Thanks a lot,great colection

suran: thanx a lot

Tadas: cool nothing can beat this game