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New! Volkodav - wolves killer
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Volkodav - wolves killer

Volkodav - wolves killer features: 6270, 6280, 5300, 6111, 6125, 6131, 6136, 6151, 6233, 6265, 7370 etc

Mobile adventurous enough on a peel-blockbaster "Wolfhound"! Meet the autochthonous epos, the adversary of "Lord of Rings" - a chimera-men Maria Semenovoj's post. The wolfhound from a arrange of Grey Dogs - it is unbeatable! Mobile integration of a masquerade-adventure more the Wolfhound. The style on the magic in ready opens indirectly-from out of reach of, as in Greek duty games of prototype ┬źDiablo┬╗. And the appoint does not up to to the first-class samples of this genus on computers. The lead not exclusively battles on swords, but also shoots from an onions, applies mesmerizing. And from period to early - solves intelligence problems. In devil-may-care it is reach-me-down the book and images of heroes of a native glaze-blockbaster "Wolfhound" - videotape with the most stirring budget in Russia! Hello from Russia :sway:

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Mobile platform: Nokia
Genre: arcade


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senbaharaj: ya superb....

Satyendra.indian: Not working in nokia5130

Matrixs07: Nice

Gouri143: Its nt working in my n73